Hello World!!

It’s funny because I think that’s what the default post is.

Anywho, hey gang! This is Kaisha checking in! Some of you may know me from the site I started with my friend called Everyone’s Favorite Black Girls. Well this time I’m stepping out on my own and riding solo.

Behind the name: Primp, Pray, Love. It’s obviously a spin off of the popular book turned movie Eat Pray Love. I chose Primp because I love all things beauty, Pray because my faith and relationship with God keep my feet on the ground, and Love because that’s what life is all about.

This blog will consist of my favorite things: Beauty (read:my skin woes) 😉 , fashion, growth, and my journey through life as I try to change and progress and become the best person that I can be.

You’ll get a little bit of everything from me here but one thing will remain constant: Honesty. I just want a little  place where I can be myself and express myself and this here is it. I hope you enjoy. I know I will 😉


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