Rap Session.

One of my goals for the week was to be on time everywhere I went. I failed miserably. HOWEVER, I did get a new watch 😉

I was supposed to make healthier choices in food. I succeeded! I ate at home instead of eating out and when I did eat out I got a salad. I had breakfast everyday and ate more fruit and veggies!

I got some new goodies! Trying to be healthy overall here.

Beauty wise, I’m still having intolerable skin days BUT I did find a cute new ring, rock some nice shoes, and have a good wash n’ go hair day. I got compliments and everything! It made me feel better about my face lol.

Tomorrow, I’m volunteering at the women’s shelter, and going to a birthday dinner. I love spreading love man.
As I said earlier today, this week’s been far from ideal but I’m truly a blessed individual.

I think we’re all like plants. The tears, pain, and storms in our lives just supply the water we need to grow, right along with the sunshine 🙂

I’m calling it an early night. Be good.


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