Like a Bad Habit

Everyone has a vice! I’m someone with many! I have some pretty horrid habits and some very guilty pleasures. So I figured it’d be fun to air out my dirty laundry tonight (literally) 😉

1. Sweets. Ice cream, cake, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pastries, brownies bready things, frozen yogurt. What can I say? I have a problem.

I cannot get enough of this stuff!


2. Procrastination.  I wait till the last minute to do EVERYTHING. I let my laundry pile up for weeks upon weeks upon weeks. I have a serious problem.

I was halfway finished at this point. Smh


3. Shoes. Self explanatory









4.I also have a bad habit of cutting people off. Like, cross me or screw me over and I’d prefer if you didn’t speak to me anymore. I listen to the things people say and watch what they do and if I’m constantly getting negativity, I see no point to have you in my life. I realize that this makes me a loner…but hey, quality over quantity. What I’m saying is, I could be nicer 🙂
5. I daydream entirely too much. I make up these crazy elaborate stories that other people would find extremely weird. I waste a ton of time doing this. Meh.

We all have stuff we need to work on. SO what are your weird/bad habits and vices?

On another note, I went to the grocery store to find a mask but COULDN’T. Blah! Sooooo I’m just gonna have to make my own. If it goes well, I’ll spill tomorrow with the recipe. 🙂

Be good!



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