Primp: Cinnabons and Roses.

So, I’ve been trying to wear more protective hairstyles and just let my hair chill. One that is slowly becoming a staple in my life is my own spin on the cinnabon. I just put the hair in a regular bun, but instead of just pinning it, I separate the hair into two strand twists and pin them. Sounds complicated, takes two minutes.

MY cinnabon.

When I wear my hair in styles like this I often get asked if it’s my real hair. People think I added a piece to my hair because of the color The base of my hair is pretty much completely black while the pony tailed part is still red. *shrugs*.

On days when I don’t have to go into the office (I work [now] part time at a software company) I like to get…uhh…creative (for lack of a better word) with my look. I think that’s one of the best things about fashion and developing your own personal style. You get to play dress up everyday. I observe rules and trends but don’t necessarily adhere to them. So one day this week, I went a little coocoo bananas with my outfit.

I really don't know what was up with the awkward posing

Again with the awkward poses

Random shirt. Skirt from Target. Vest from mom’s closet. Booties from Payless. And for the record, the American Eagle outfitters and the American Eagle for Payless are not the same thing.  Leopard scarf…found it in my car one night…no clue.

I never like my look to be “too” anything. If I’m wearing black on black on black, I’ll have a red lip. I didn’t want to look too punk rock so I picked a rosy skirt and leopard print wrap. I didn’t want to look too hoochie- the skirt is form fitting and the shirt is see through- so I added the vest. I guess I have commitment issues.

So if I had to describe my style I would say that it varies with my mood but essentially it’s “classic funk”. Ayyyyye *Fonzy voice*

If you had to, how would you describe your personal style?


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