Wade in the Water

Hey there! Sorry for my absence, but it’s been a little cray cray over here!
Sunday night we had a Tstorm. I love love love the rain. Whenever it rains my dad and I stand in the safest place known to man, our garage, and watch the rain. I managed to snap a few pictures…right before the power went out -_-

As if that weren’t enough. Last night while I was I was studying for my test today aaand heard what I thought was another storm. Except, there was no rain falling from the sky, just from my ceiling. Yep, hot water heater exploded. Oh joy! (sarcasm) So we had to kick it old school and boil a pot of water on the stove and then carry it around in pots to use. I, of course, could not do so without singing Wade in the Water. I have to humor myself so I don’t get overwhelmed.

And lastly, I am a traitor. I have been a faithful member of team blackberry for the last two years. Welp, I am now part of team Iphone. I’m enjoying it so far! I loved my blackberry! I miss it, actually, but thr Iphone gives me a lot more in the visual aspect which I love.

Looking forward to October! But I’ll get into that later! Still trying to figure out this phone and instagram business! What have you been up to?


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