I’m a Hero

Hello my loves! I have recently been tweeting pretty hardcore about an event I attended this past Saturday. It was the Heroes for Children 5k.

I was invited by a church member who started a team in memory of her daughter whom she lost to childhood cancer. I learned that September is childhood cancer awareness month, so it made perfect sense to hold the race this month.

Anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much live to give back. I have been extremely blessed and am more fortunate than the majority of the world. I think it would behoove our generation to realize that life is bigger than the little bubbles we live in and it’s not all about having swag, or being tatted, or “gettin money” *rolls eyes*. With all this overexposure of the celebrity lifestyle, I think we’ve lost sight of reality. And one way to give myself a serious, perpetual reality check is to help those who are less fortunate.

I truly enjoy it! Something about helping someone without expecting anything in return really works wonders for the heart! It really makes you feel better! Anywho, the race may officially be over but the organization is always accepting donations. It’s never too late to give! For more information, please check out the Heroes for Children website 🙂
I cannot imagine what these parents go through!It really is such a tragedy. I’ve lost family members to cancer and have a friend fighting it right now. I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch my child suffer. Please, think beyond yourself and be a hero! Every dollar counts!

I managed to snap a few (poorly lit)  pictures on the Iphone. It was reeeeally shady. Lots of trees, so please forgive the darkness.


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