Sweet October

Hey there gorgeous!

September has been a fun but busy month. In September I…

…got an Iphone
… did a 5k for a cause
… went to the doctor (today) to get a little help with my skin issues
It’s been a great ride so far. Looking forward to more.

I can smell fall in the air as October approaches. This is my favorite time of year! Well, second favorite- I love winter even more. Keep in mind that I live in Texas so our winters equate with mid/late fall in more northern states. The month of October always brings some pretty nice thangs to look forward to. I’m super stoked for:

Me and my mama last Christmas

1.THE STATE FAIR!! Who cares about the rides? I’m all about the food. Can we say 12 inch corn dog?
2. Poetry&Praise. An even my church puts on every year. A bunch of poets, dancers, musicians, etc get together and perform for a night.  For the past few years it’s been at an actual  amphitheater ( SO COOL!) but I think due to unpredictable weather conditions this time of year it got moved indoors. Yes, we have been rained out before.
3. My friend’s baby shower! It’s a girl! I love baby girl stuff and I’m trying to decide what to get her.
4. My mommy’s birthday!!! Celebrating the life of the woman who gave me life? Pretty stinking excited. She hates parties and surprises so I’m trying to decide on a really nice gift for her.
5. Dressing up for Halloween. Yes, I am and forever will be a kid. Get over it.
6. Starting my tutor program at a junior high school 🙂
7. Cooler weather!

What are you most looking forward to in October??


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