Lubu Heels ;)

I’m a girl who loves shoes but it would take almost an entire year’s paycheck, no gas, food, or outings with my friends for a gal like me to afford a pair of anything more than basic Louboutins. Hardly worth it of you ask me! Maybe one day when I’m banking large on my teacher salary. Haha (sarcasm).

In the interim, my tried and true brand has afforded me champagne on a beer budget.

PPLers, meet China Glaze’s “Lubu Heels”

Note the understated red sparkles. It gives off a reddish glow without being too obvious. I say Mr. Louboutin would be proud ay?

My only qualm is that I would say it’s more of a “wear for a specific occasion” type of polish because when the edges start to wear down it’s very noticeable (to me. no one else cares, I’m sure). Other than that, it gets the stamp of approval.


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