Poetry and Praise with my Ace

Hey there gorgeous! πŸ˜‰

I’ve missed you! So this past weekend I went to the even at my church called Poetry and Praise. Correction: it was sponsored by my church. It was AT the Courtyard Theater Plano. I had such a lovely time. Some of the performances were funny, some were gripping and chilling, and others were straight up hardcore! The theme was “Resistible” so everyone was decked out in army gear and combat boots (or heels for the ladies). Pretty fly.

I have always wanted to participate but am pretty much paralyzed by my fear. Just the mere THOUGHT of sharing something that I’ve written on a stage makes my stomach churn. Seriously. I know I write and have a blog, etc, but being on stage is an entirely different ball game for me. Hopefully, I will have overcome my feat by next year! Help?

I didn’t actually take any pictures there because we (me and my girl Tauni) got there after the show had already started and I didn’t know if they were allowing flash photography or not. But we took some before πŸ™‚

High tech photography skills!

Who doesn’t love bathroom pics? πŸ˜‰



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