Big Girls Don’t Cry

I’ve been told that I talk a lot. Well, it’s true. My dad also frequently tells me that I should be a lawyer because I don’t shut up until I get the point across and even if my point is completely illogical I stick to it until it makes sense. If that makes sense.

Well, I have my father to thank for this. When I was little girl my pops was always very supportive and affectionate but one thing he didn’t tolerate is whining. Once, we were in a store and I said I wanted something and he told me “no” and I started crying. He took me to the car and gently said (I’m paraphrasing) “Kaisha, stop crying. You don’t need that toy. You have plenty at home. If you want something you either have to work for it and earn it or use your words to negotiate for it, but whining doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Essentially, he taught me to either earn stuff or be able to logically convince someone that I deserve it. This may seem harsh to some but it was one of the best lessons I learned in life and I was fortunate enough to learn it at an early age. Because of my dad I wasn’t one of those bratty kids who felt a sense of entitlement. I knew that if I wanted something it was up to me and I didn’t just “deserve” anything because I was cute (because honey, I was cute). And if anything, I learned how to argue my point.

So thanks, Dad. Because of you, I don’t stop (or shut up) until I get what I want. I’ve learned how to be independent and tenacious and how to not be crippled by my emotions but to still be articulate. I’m glad I learned that so young!

Me and my Daddy 🙂



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