First YouTube video!

I love to run my mouth about stuff, thus, I created a blog. Well, my friend suggested (months ago) that I should do a YT channel as  well. I wasn’t into it because I’m not tech savvy and I don’t have a bombtastic editing program, etc, excuse, etc, but eventually I just said “what the hey?” and went for it.

I don’t have to be glamtastic because that’s not even me. I just gotta use what I got 😉

Anywho, I’ll be talking about any and everything on this channel. It’s basically a visual and audio version of my blog! And of course I could say more in a video than I could  ever say in a post so I’m pretty excited. I will do my best to be faithful and diligent and not let weeks go by without updating- Note the “will do my best” portion.

With no further adieu, please enjoy PPL’s first YT video! (and comment and subscribe and stuff :))


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