Cake and stuff

So as of late, I’ve gotten two lipsticks that I haven’t shown yet. I also ordered a pair of shoes from DSW yesterday. I was forced to by my mother because she wanted the free tote. She pulled my leg and twisted my arm 😉

Speaking of my mother, it was her birthday this past Sunday. She turned 25 🙂
My mother hates parties and surprises and repeatedly told me not to give her either. So, I gave her a hand written card (her favorite) and Gucci perfume which smells AMAZING…and then, of course, I gave her a surprise party.

My dad and I spent all night cooking and were operating on some serious sleep deprivation but it was all worth it to see her smile! I’m so glad I got to make my mom feel special on her birthday. She’s my biggest fan and I’m hers!! I love her so much!

Here’s a few (dimly lit- as ALWAYS. I swear, I’m going to start using a real camera!) pictures. I can’t believe I didn’t take any decent ones or any of myself with my mom but…oh well!

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