Primp.Girl About Town

I promised lipstick and by golly I bring you lipstick! Hopefully you know about the Back 2 Mac promotion (it’s continuous) which allows you to return six used containers in exchange for a free lipstick. I buy lipstick whether it’s free or not. I enjoy color on my lips. 

I was looking for something I don’t have already since I have quite a wide color range so the girl at the counter (who isn’t my USUAL. Where was Nia?!?) asked me if I was afraid of color. I told her what I already had and she deducted that I could handle a little pizzazz. So she gave me this and I gladly took it home 😉

Yes, it is hot pink. I haven’t worn lashes in so long it felt sooooo good to be ridiculously dramatic. Gotta do this more often!

Mac “Girl About Town” 


P.S. This is the color toned down. I actually like it better this way for my skin tone. I assume it would look much better glammed up on someone with a much lighter or much darker skin tone than mine.

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