In the insightful words of Ice Cube, today was a good day.

It wasn’t perfect. But it was good. **Um, if you’re a bashful guy or squeamish girl you may want to skip the next little paragraph. It’s a bit of an over share. Actually, the whole post is a bit of an over share so if you can’t handle it please act accordingly. This is your warning.**

Aunt Flow came to visit in the wee hours of the night. Made it very difficult to get out of bed this morning. Been dealing with some SERIOUS crampage all day.BUT:

Grumpy, early, PMS face + untamed hair= sexy.

I was running late this morning but the teacher didn’t even need me (I tutor at a middle school as part of my teacher certification program). Check.

My paycheck FINALLY got processed. There was drama with that. This is what happens when your boss travels frequently and no one’s available to sign your timesheet and your recruiter at your temp agency leaves the company and DOESN’T INFORM YOU!! Sorry. I almost forgot that this was a positive. 🙂

I finished a project at my job! The deadline isn’t until the end of December. Now, I’m just dotting my I’s and crossing my T’s.

I ate veg all day until dinner time.

I worked out today! I set a goal to get in a workout today (it was tough because of a fore mentioned girlie issues and I had a ton to get done today) and I actually did it. Gotta count the small victories. And shoutout to the Nike Training Club app for Iphone. I love you ❤ (I will talk about this in detail later)

I went to Target to get spinach and frozen fruit because I’ve been eating green smoothies for breakfast all this week and stumbled upon a pot o’ gold. Elf 144 pallet for $15. Please and thank you. Can’t wait to play around with it. Perhaps I see some makeup tutorials in the near future *Dr. Evil laugh*

Had some Chai tea. Funny story. The actual tea bags were inside the individual packets…I didn’t realize this until after I put the whole bag (the plastic outer bag, not the tea bag) in the water and nothing happened. My dad suggested that I open it and lo and behold they were inside! His remark, “Wow. Where’s a camera when you need one?” lol. Love you Dad!

Oh, I decided not to do the health and fitness journey video until the end of the week because I want to talk about what I’m doing instead of what I’m going to do. I’m sure you understand.

Remember this exercise?
Pit: Having to simultaneously hold my pee while suffering uterine contractions. Peak: Finally getting in a workout! It had a great lower back stretch at the end which was perfect because my back has been aching for the last couple of days. 🙂


Be good y’all.

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