Doppelganger Mama

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I ate too much…several times…and felt great.

Going to eat 🙂

I woke up this morning not feeling fantastic. I thought working out would help- it didn’t. I was just out of whack and feeling grumpy and complaining. But of course, I got some encouraging words from my mother (plus chocolate chip cookies from my friend Mollie. Hi Mollie!!!) and things turned around.

Not to mention I had an amazing conversation with my grandmother about life. She’s staying with me until after Christmas and I’m rather excited to have her here! She told me all kinds of stories about integration and the struggles she’s had with racism, working, and just life in general. I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to gather wisdom and information from older generations. It’s also interesting to see how much things have changed yet stayed the same. I love my Gma! I’m thinking about doing an interview or something to record her telling these stories. If I don’t publish it, it will at least be one of my own personal keepsakes.

Scary pic I found of my mom at 15 versus me at 13 (I think). We are sisters.

On another note: still swamped with school and other things. Also, I tried to upload a November favorites video last night…YT was trippin’ so that didn’t happen. And I think that sums things up.

I’m about to do some yoga for stress relief and have some tea. Goodnight all!


Day after Thanksgiving

P.S. I finally finished redecorating!! Post with before and after pictures coming soon! ❤
*sneak peek*

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