November Favorites (video)

I’m currently working on a video featuring my favorite winter accessory: SCARVES!! Whoo hooooo!

Furthermore, I am about to be finished with school for the fall semester and will be able to blog more frequently. I want to add some different aspects to the blog.

This is my second go ’round in the blogosphere and I miss the more topic/discussion based posts that I used to do (at EFBGirls) and plan to get back into that. I’m not just all about heels, and lip gloss ya know 😉 I want the blog to reflect me and what I stand for as a whole and perhaps reach out to at least one person. I can never really see myself being put in a box or classified as one thing or another. We all have several different sides to us and I gotta keep it real here!

Anywho, I will most def get back to the commentary style and focus on my writing skills more. These segments will be called “Inside Out“. These are thoughts/feelings on the inside that we’re getting out into the atmosphere. Plus, to grow we must change and change happens from the inside out. Can’t wait! 😀

Please, enjoy the video!
xoxo Kaisha

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