Inside Out: Face Off

Welcome to my first Inside Out post! Let’s get to it.

You know what makes me want to throw toothpicks at people’s eyeballs? People who don’t know how to stay in their lane. Why do people like to talk about things they know nothing about? Confused? Let me give you some examples.

Exhibit A: If you have never cooked a gourmet meal (or a meal at all) and don’t even know how to light the stove in your own kitchen, then it is inappropriate for you to suddenly assume the role of a professional food critic in regard to someone else’s meal.

Exhibit B: If you wear sweats, hooded jackets, tank tops, and Old Navy flip flops (or dare I say shower  shoes) on a daily basis and have taken no strides to develop your own personal style, then your self administered fashion police badge is null in void. Hang it up in your room if it makes you feel better, but don’t you dare fix your mouth to criticize someone else’s personal style when you…..well….you don’t have one.

Exhibit C: (I’m bringing it home here) If you walk around bare faced with worm eye brows and don’t have a problem exposing your naturally beautiful face on a daily basis, round of freaking applause for you! It’s a beautiful thing to be self confident and accept yourself for who you are.I say this with absolutely no sarcasm. However, this gives you no license to judge other makeup geeks for their love of cosmetics.

Just because someone wears makeup does not mean they are fake. Not wearing makeup doesn’t make you real. Make up enhances the stuff you already have. I understand that some people aren’t down for the over dramatic look but it’s no one else’s job to tell someone else what to do with her face! If you like fake eye lashes and glittery lip gloss, WEAR it freely! There’s nothing wrong with it. And if you prefer to feel the sun’s full effects on your face, there’s nothing wrong with that either honey!
Just like having natural hair doesn’t make you real and having a relaxer doesn’t make you fake! Men have it bad about making these generalizations (Don’t even let me start on natural hair stereotypes) and it truly bothers me. Majority of men don’t wear makeup so why criticize something that you really don’t even understand?

Moral of the story: Stay in your lane.
Let’s not critique things outside of our area of expertise or, in some cases, mild knowledge-MYSELF INCLUDED. We have it bad about trying to categorize people to justify ourselves but at the end of the day, does it really matter what I think about Sally’s purple shoes? My dislike of them does not change her love for them and certainly doesn’t mean she should get rid of them. So why does it make sense to talk about the things other people do if it doesn’t harm or help us, especially when we have minimal knowledge of the subject matter?

Keep growing.

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