Red Tails movie review

This movie touched my life. The juxtaposition of the beginning of the movie in comparison with the end speaks volumes in itself.

It wasn’t just a black story, it was a war story told directly from the cock pit. I got to experience the fear, pain, loss, joy, victory, and triumph of the soldiers. My heart was racing the entire movie.

The Tuskegee Airmen are a perfect example and reminder of the richness of black people. How we have continuously overcome barriers and exceeded expectations. Not only were the “Red Tails” the first all black crew of pilots, they were the BEST- black or white. The image of black people, due to media portrayal, has been distorted and turned into gum smacking, cursing, and fighting in restaurants.

Movies like “Red Tails” serve as a reminder of who we are and where we’ve come free and, more so, the stuff we’re made of. We are strong, courageous, and operate in excellence. We don’t have to settle for pants sagging, YOLO, and baby mama status. We come from GREATNESS.

The movie was exhilarating , from the effects to the actors ( Terrence Howard&Nate Parker- Lord, have mercy!) to the story and suspense. It was, simply, a well done job. It’s not very often, nowadays, that you go to a theater and get an “experience” while watching a movie, but this was it!

My only qualm would be that the only romance mentioned, let alone featured, in the movie was with one of the soldiers, “Lightning”, and an Italian (white) woman. I did my best to take that with a grain of salt considering they were stationed in Italy and it was not uncommon for soldiers (of any race) to rendezvous with the locals. It certainly was not too distracting from the overall greatness of the movie lol.

I’m trying not to give details away since the movie JUST came out. However, I can truly say that I walked out of that theater with my chest out a little further. We sometimes forget where we come from and forget the importance of knowing. The movie made me even prouder (if possible) to be who I am; even prouder that we have a black president.

Honestly, I could go on several tangents here so I’m just gonna say: GO SEE IT!

(P.S. I saw the movie on opening night and the theater was packed.)

xoxo Kaisha

2 thoughts on “Red Tails movie review

  1. Hi Kaisha, movie sounds interesting to say the least, I’ll watch it as soon as it comes out (if it does reach our shores) , but why do you think our movies never meet the “grade” in terms of acceptability outside our own people, am referring mostly to the ratings and lack of nominations, I really liked Spike Lee’s Miracle At St Anna and I thought it told an amazing story, I didn’t really like the end as such but thought it was well acted and written, not to sound negative, it just seems that these type of movies are already prejudiced by time they hit the showrooms, or could it be that no one really cares or at least relates to our history (or even worse our stories are always categorised as black stories and never meet the “triumph of the human spirit” criterion)? How would the movie fare against Tuskegee Airmen which was another astonishing movies, and how different is it?


    1. First of all, thanks for stopping by!
      Um, I did not like the ending of Miracle at St. Anna either. I didn’t really get the point he was trying to make (but that’s beside the point). I think movies like this are simply plagued as “black films” rather than films. Even in 2012, few black people cross over into mainstream and break the color barrier. (Will Smith, Halle Berry, Samuel L. Jackson,etc.)
      I think it’s about marketing. No, people can’t relate to the black “experience” but people go see movies because they look good and because they are bombarded with the previews on tv. As far as awards go, it seems that triumph is never awarded in black films unless the black involved is somewhere slumming around or in some degraded position (or, of course, rescued by a white person). Sad but true.
      In comparison with Tuskegee Airmen: in Red Tails, the black men got to tell their own story from their point of view. It was less “oh wow, black people are actually good at something” and more “these airmen are brilliant, these airmen are black, and you are completely wrong about us” if that makes any sense.
      Anywho, please see it and tell me how you like it!

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