More or less

Update on the health journey? Psssh.

10 pounds down. 3 pounds up.

Why, you ask?

Too much of this:

Not enough of this:

It’s almost my freaking birthday and I have not met one single goal. (Dang it that truth hurts!) I have been injured, and sick but not enough to be a legit excuse. Get it together, Kaisha! Get it together!!!

Recently, when I went to the Doc’s office for a physical- the special kind just for ladies… that’s always kind of awkward because my doctor’s son went to  school with me and he talks about him…frequently….while I’m being clamped and swabbed…yup- and my doctor’s all “Are you exercising regularly?”
Of course, I just stare like a deer in headlights. Then he gives me a speech about the importance of cardiovascular fitness and commands that I get a minimum of 120 minutes of aerobic exercise per week.  I tell him about how my knee got screwed up over Christmas break (as an excuse for why I haven’t been hitting the pavement) and rather than offer his condolences he prescribes me an anti-inflammatory and gives me a pamphlet full of knee strengthening exercises. -__-

Guess I have no excuse now. Thanks Doc! 🙂

xoxo Kaisha

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