Down goes Frazier!

**Disclaimer: I wrote this post almost two weeks ago and never published it. That is all.**

So the the other day,I’m taking out my trash right? I have three shoe boxes in one arm and my actual trash bags in the other. I’m speedily trotting down the stairs, as always, when I slip on a shoe. It all went downhill from there.

Honestly, I thought I was either going to die or be injured very badly. It happened so fast yet it seemed like slow motion. So I got up, stunned, and limped outside to take my trash out because I knew the trash collectors would be coming soon and for some reason I just really wanted my trash out. Then I hopped up the stairs…and started sobbing. I don’t know why I was crying. The pain wasn’t that overwhelming. I think I had been in a little state of shock and was traumatized by the actual falling part.

I walked (well, if you call it walking. It was more of a waddle and hop) around in pain for four days before I finally went to the doctor’s office and got an X-ray. Nothing broken, just a sprain. Thank God! I got this absurdly unattractive brace to stabilize my ankle until it heals up nicely. 2-6 weeks he says. I’m batting for two!

And just because I’m so fortunate, this happened just in time for the women’s retreat at my church…where I’m signed up ( and was super excited) for kickboxing. Somebody loose the balloons and confetti.

Ah well. That’s life. At least I didn’t die or seriously injure myself. I am still mobile, alive, and well. And I promise to resist the very strong urges I feel to decorate my ankle brace 😉 BOOYAH!

My swollen, bruised, very sad ankle and foot

The oh so sexy brace!

It’s funny how things like this provoke so many questions from people. Even perfect strangers have been asking me what happened lol. And of course, people laugh at me as I tell the story. I guess I’m too short to be taken seriously anyway 😉

xoxo Kaisha

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