This is how we do it!

Hey y’all! I’ve been having a lovely past few weeks and hope everyone else is as well. I wrapped up this semester of school and I’m getting my stuff together for summer school. Transferring your info is such a hassle!

I’m not particularly a fan of the summer. I like the “cold” months. Here, in Texas, it’s just so ridiculously hot all the time. I’m talking 2 or  3 showers a day as a necessity hot. The sun is fierce, the mosquitoes are rampant, and the car a/c is insufficient.   Last summer they had to shut down some water parks because the water was too warm to kill bacteria. See what I’m dealing with?

Anywho, the only things I really do like about summer time are family reunions and barbecues (read: food). Who doesn’t love food? Well this past weekend, my friends and I kick started our summer with a little barbecue. The weather was absolutely perfect, the food was great, and the company was even better.

I, of course, am a reigning Taboo and Uno champion and participated in a few very embarrassing rounds of truth or dare (because we refuse to act our age and find more sophisticated games to play). I want to thank the little people for letting me use you as step stools to get to the number one spot. I want to thank my teammates, even though one of them tried to jump ship (yes, Randall, I’m calling you out). And most of all, I want to thank Jackson Hewitt for making the This is How We Do It commercial that inspired Tauni’s victory dance.

I don’t know what to expect for the rest of the summer but if it’s anything like the start it’ll be great.

(Sorry if some of the pics repeat. Too lazy to correct it)

xoxo Kaisha

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