Makeup Monday? “Glam-fari”

Sometimes when I’m bored I put dramatic makeup on. Is it productive? No. Does it give me something to post on my blog when it’s been forever since the last one? Yes. Does my best friend always make me send her pictures of makeup and tell me to put them on the blog? You already know.

So I’ve called this glam-fari because it has a safari flare but is glammed up with the glitter. And for the record, the glitter doesn’t translate as well on camera as it does in real life. In real life it’s super sparkly and pretty.

Oh, and don’t judge my eyebrows. If I had known I was going to blog these pics I would have shaped them up better but that’s a minute detail. 😉
I added the hat because I’m on safari in my mind and I’m committing to the look. I make strange faces because I’m obnoxious.

Also, please note that  it looks so much more dramatic in real life and if I were going to wear this in public I would add false lashes.

Self made photo shoot on deck. Judge me.

xoxo Kaisha

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