Homemade humectant conditioner

So my mom recently got a semi-permanent color put in hair. It has caused a tad bit of damage to her hair and I’ve noticed more shedding than usual, especially around her edges. Some of this is just naturally what happens to hair the more frequently you use heat on it.

She spent 18 months with it braided up as she grew out her relaxer so now that she flat irons it her hair has started to respond differently. She always freaks out about her hair. I style it every morning. Yes, every single morning. And she harasses me to let her see how much hair has come out in whatever utensil I may be using at the moment.

So she did some internet research and told me that she wanted me to use a humectant conditioner on her hair. I wasn’t about to try to find one so I decided to make one.  Of course, I want some TLC for my hair too since I don’t give it the care it deserves so I decided to use the combination on myself and see how I like it.

By the way, humectants are substances that abstract moisture from the air so that your hair can absorb it.

So I mixed:

Honey, aloe vera juice, vitamin E, and regular conditioner.

The verdict: Mama likes. My hair definitely feels a lot less dry. Of course, it’s only been a day but I like what I’m seeing so far.


Before (I neglect my hair. Bad habit, I know. It had been tied away for almost a week)


After (mind you, my hair is dry at this point):


Muuuuuuch better.

I also tried a flexi rod set on my hair for the first time. We’ll discuss this later.

xoxo Kaisha

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