What a girl wants

A while back I did a post on things that totally turn me OFF when it comes to guys and promised that I’d do a post dedicated to the things I like/expect in a mate. Let’s get to it.

1. Man of God (I know that you knew that was coming). I’m not talking guys who tweet their daily bible verse but can’t remember the last time they set foot in the house of prayer and are at the club more than promoters are and say #Godfirst in their twitter bios. I’m talking about a true blue  Bible reading, praying, tithing, abstaining from sex, precious Lord take my hand brotha. And yes, I realize that I just  narrowed my window of opportunity by about 85%.  But it is what is. SON.

2. Self sufficient. He doesn’t have to have a mansion or the latest shoes or a Beemer, Benz, or Bentley. However, he needs a place to live and he needs to have a method of transportation that doesn’t involve me. I’m sure lots of women can understand what it’s like dating the guy you have to drive around all the time. My car is  not yellow, black, or white. This is not a taxi service.

3. Marriage minded. I have had enough “good times”. I know that some people have no problem casually dating but I’m a little more cut and dry than that. I like my friends to be my friends and I want the guy I date to be my husband lol. I think it’s important to not continuously give your heart away, especially when you KNOW it’s something temporary. If I’m going to really invest my heart, time, and trust in someone I need to know that they’re serious about commitment. My heart is not a playground. Boom. Also, my family is the most important thing to me so he needs to be a family man. 🙂

My parents ❤

4. Good convo. I obviously love to write and read and talk. Words are a huge part of my life. I would love a guy that I can just talk to. I know that some guys aren’t into talking about shoes and the latest reality TV show but that just might be an added bonus.

5. Chill. I’m one of those people who can get pretty intense. I’m meticulous and I like to plan things and I can get a little cookoo with my to-do lists and note taking. When I’m serious about something, then I’m serious about it. So I need somebody I can CHILL with. Someone who can check me when I get too high strung (which is often). Ya knowwwww, just kickin’ it.

6. Funny. Y’all, I’m ridiculous. I know this contradicts #5 but I’m kind of a goofball. I guess I go from one extreme to the next. I’m either really in the zone or really cray cray. I have THE most obnoxious laugh which often involves snorting. It’s really obnoxious. So, naturally, I have to be around someone who keeps me in stitches.

7. Good guy. Isn’t this self- explanatory? Opening doors, using manners, helping old ladies cross the street, feeding the children- all that. I just want someone who treats everyone with respect and kindness. If he’s like this with people in general, then it’s most likely that he’ll be the same way toward me.

8. Well dressed. I’m not one of those people who is impressed by labels. I don’t care who makes your clothes. However, I do care whether or not you look like you put some effort into your appearance. My grandmother and mother raised me to look like you’re going somewhere. Homeboy doesn’t need to always look like he stepped off the pages of GQ but he also doesn’t need to look like a vagabond. Oh, and hygiene….muy importante!

9. Driven. Someone who not only has goals and aspirations but  who works toward those goals.

10. Manly man. My dad is a country boy so that’s kind of my point of reference. Because of him, I expect men to mow lawns, take out trash, wash cars, pump gas, and pick up the dog poop in the backyard. Ha! No but foreal. I totally promise to keep the house tidy, and do the laundry.And he can bring an appetite as well because I’m working on my culinary skills. 😉

xoxo Kaisha

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