Before I Let Go

Recently, I went to the Gexa Energy Pavilion summer music festival to see Frankie Beverly and Maze.

It was such a great experience. I mean, it was hot as hell (no pun intended) but I still managed to have fun. I went with my parents so we could all get our old school on.

Tank opened up the show. For the record, he IS that fine in person. He was actually super close to me at one point and I got so ooo starstruck. I couldn’t even scream. My heart stopped. I stood there, mouth agape. Babyface was the second. He was one of my faves. He sounds REALLY good live! I was pleasantly surprised. The O’Jays were next. For the Love of Money is one of my favorite songs ever 🙂
Patti LaBelle came out next and killed it! Her vocal quality is just superb, especially at her age. And the main event Frankie Beverly and Maze came out.

Turns out he’s 65 years old. He told me to tell y’all that he knows he sounded horribly at the BET awards. He said he’s old and sometimes has bad vocal days (he’s been singing for 40 years) but not to believe the rumors about something being wrong with him. He said he’s fine and he would tell us otherwise lol.

Also, I am going to marry his lead guitarist. Honeyyyyy, he was

Fun fact: Maze featuring Frankie Beverly was discovered in 1974 by Marvin Gaye.

Sorry my pics are lame. The lighting was super off because of the sunset. And apparently I should have turned on the flash on my phone.

xoxo Kaisha

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