Back 2 School: Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

Today was a rough one. The a/c went crazy in my car on the way to school. I felt like I had to walk forever in the heat. It was long and I had to go to the grocery store afterward. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

I just feel that 1hr and 15 minutes of my life shouldn’t be repeatedly used to read a syllabus that I’m perfectly capable of reading and comprehending by myself. Especially when I’m hot and tired. But this isn’t the complaint box so let’s move on.

For lunch, I ended up having some sushi and then heading to Starbucks to use the Wifi. I got a passion tea. Anyone else love the passion tea? While I was typing and sipping my tea I actually used chopsticks to eat the sushi. I felt like such a cool kid. I didn’t even realize that I knew how to maneuver those chopsticks.

So anywho, I come home all broke, busted, and disgusted and then the smallest thing happens that totally created an avalanche of happy thoughts. My package came in the mail!

1. The messenger bag that I ordered (and got lost somewhere in UPS) was finally delivered.

2. I found Tazo Passion Tea at Tom Thumb 😉

3. I mastered sushi with chopsticks.

4. I raised up my arm and realized that my deodorant was still working!! (Y’all know I’m a sweaty beast of a woman)

So, really, those four things totally made up for all the caca I dealt with earlier. It’s the little things that count. I believe that when huge things happen in our lives we often don’t get the full experience of it because big things are so hard to grasp. It often just becomes another reality, or norm for us. So I think sometimes it’s best to just appreciate the small things that we often take for granted rather than living in extravagant fantasies that wouldn’t even be that great if they actually happened to us.

I believe that if you want a FULL life then learn to appreciate the things that make it up everyday rather than aspiring for things we don’t already have. We don’t need more stuff. We need more appreciation for the stuff we have. It’s not that we don’t have. The problem is that we don’t SEE what we have.

I once heard a quote that said “what if tomorrow you only woke up with the things you thanked God for today?”. That really resonated with me. I make it a point to count my blessings, now.

*sigh* Leave it up to me to find a life lesson in a backpack!lol

xoxo Kaisha

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