We got the juice!


Hope all is well with you! Today’s post is about juice. The juice, and green juice.

As of late, I’ve been trying to get really serious about my health. At some point you have to stop making excuses, stop making plans, and just do the doggone thang. That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately. I recently got a gym membership (yeah, I’m in w the NY resolutions crowd. And what!?) and have been working out a lot with my ace. I think having a gym buddy is almost essential, but that’s another topic.

Starting over is the pits. I have been in agony (literally. No dramatics) for the past week because my body has been in so much pain. I was hurting so much that I was developing a mental cloud. Tears  and all. I was stretching and icing but it was all to no avail. But this morning was a turning point. It was the first day I woke up not feeling as if I had been hit by a semi truck. I’m still sore, but it’s totally manageable, versus the dysfunction I was dealing with last week. I am a happy camper. I got the juice.

Secondly, apparently women don’t lift weights. Tauni and I seem to be the only females around the iron pumping sections. Being the only ladies kind of makes you stand out, I suppose. Because of this, we’ve managed to make quite a few random muscle-y friends as of late. The juice heads show us mad love.

Moving right along. So juicing is the bomb. I’m not at the point of juice fasting, but it’s definitely something that I’ve added to my diet on an almost daily basis. I love the stuff. I didn’t realize just how nutrient deprived I was until I started juicing. I have had a long battle with acne, as well as sensitive/dry skin. No exaggeration, my legs would have scales without some type of oil on them. Since I have been juicing, my face has been more even overall. Also, my skin has been soooooooo much softer and more moisturized.Even my feet! I’m always ashy, and I haven’t been since I started drinking the juice! Not to mention, I feel cleaner on the inside, and my immune system has been boosted.

photo (11)

It’s been such a faith increasing little ordeal. Seeing the way God has designed the human body (my soreness has allowed me to not even be able to take a step without APPRECIATING the muscles I use all the time and take for granted), and that He has given us all the nourishment we need to thrive- sans chemical by products- just makes me more in awe of Him, and more grateful.



2 thoughts on “We got the juice!

  1. I definitely think it’s a great idea just incorporating it into your life. I am currently doing a full out juice fast, and my boyfriend is supporting me by incorporating juice into his life once a day.

    Just having it once a day has reaped so many benefits for him, it’s truly amazing!

    Happy juicing!

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