Do you Read Only or do you Read/Write?

Recently, I read  Lawrence Lessig’s Remix. This is not a book review, so I won’t go into great detail about the style or my opinions; however, it did inspire some introspection on my behalf, and led me to the topic of this post.

The book comments on some of the well known/discussed issues plaguing people in our society. (To oversimplify) it presents a cultural issue by dividing people into two categories: Read Only (RO) and Read/Write (RW). The RO culture (probably the most common in the United States) consists of the people who only consume. Things have become so easily accessible that few people are willing to put in the work, or take the initiative to create new things, and embark on new territories, or use existing materials to re–create. The RW culture consists of those who innovate, re-create, and contribute, rather than simply consuming.

For instance, amateur artists are farther and fewer between. Now everyone wants to make it big. Everyone is more capital focused, and copyright laws (owning ideas?) stifle the creative process. Blah blah blah.

All that stuff ^^ is ideas from Remix. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Plus, I’m not trying to catch a lawsuit.

Point is: CREATE. CONTRIBUTE. Be an active member of society. Let’s not just constantly consume, and not produce anything. Find your creative space. Find your niche. Find something that allows your soul to speak, and put it in the stratosphere. Sing, dance, write, act, draw, paint, photograph, sew, knit, workout, serve, organize, whatever. Do your thing. Do it for you. Put it out there, and let it reach others.


It is our nature to create. So don’t be passive about your art. Make it!

xoxo Kaisha

2 thoughts on “Do you Read Only or do you Read/Write?

  1. i think thats the hard part these days. you really do have to “do it for you.” It sounds counter intuitive since the goal is to reach people and actually make it but aiming to please others or even trying to find the individuals in the crowds/swarms who it does reach will drive you batty. Do it for you and keep on going, never giving up, and thats when over time heads will turn and it will get out there. nothing comes without hard work and the same goes for trying to succeed at making a living out of what we love. 🙂

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