Beauty Rush! (June)

So here’s some random stuff that I’m into right now 🙂

I finally tried the infamous Macadamia Nut deep conditioner. I was so hesitant about it because of the price. But honey, it was worth it. My hair was so fluffy and soft and REPAIRED! Two thumbs way up. My hair is dry with no product in it in the picture below. This fluffiness never happens. I could run my fingers through it. I can’t say that’s ever happened before…in my life.

Don’t mind the face. It was REAL early lol


Victoria’s Secret. Self explanatory.


I never felt like I was cool enough to wear aviators before. I still don’t think I’m that cool, but I DID find some that don’t make me look stupid. I refer to them as my “cool sunglasses” every single time.

IMG_5528 IMG_5669

Playing in makeup. I used to get bored and do this all the time. I wanted to do a purple-y smokey type deal.This time I used BH Cosmetics on the eyes. Lips are Revlon 215 Super Natural. If I were actually going somewhere I would add lashes and use the lipgloss on top of Rimmel Airy Fairy (lipstick). I also like to try different lightings and cameras. Yay for makeup!


5 thoughts on “Beauty Rush! (June)

  1. This purple looks amazing on you. It compliments your skin tone really well. Awesome job! The lines look really crisp.

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