…It very well may be…

Death seems so unfair to the people left behind. It makes you wonder why. But this question only torments because we may never know the answer.

Instead, let us cherish the memories we have with those who’ve gone on.

Remember to resolve all the issues you have with people. Treat people kindly- even strangers, and especially those who can do nothing for you. Love (action) with every single fiber of your being. Hug your loved ones tightly. If you love someone let them know. Not once, but every time you get the chance.

Life is but a vapor. Here one minute and gone the next. Make it count. Leave a legacy here on this earth. Make a difference.

Live every day like it’s your last because it very well may be.


We rejoice because we know Curtis is resting among the angels now, but we can’t help but be saddened because of the impact he’s made on all those who knew him on this earth. Time heals all wounds. In the meantime, we cling to our faith and the support of our loved ones. My condolences and prayers go out to all Curtis’ family, friends, and loved ones. He will be greatly missed. I’m still in shock, but I take comfort in knowing that he’s in a far better place now, and we’ll all be reunited one day.

xoxo Kaisha


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