Life Without Limits


I am currently studying English in school, which leaves me little time for leisure reading. However, I enjoy a good inspirational book whenever I get the chance.
Recently, I had the pleasure of reading Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits”.
Nick gives a bunch of autobiographical information in this book about his unexpectedly being born and learning to thrive with no arms and legs. He talks about his battles with inferiority, alienation, and depression.

The part of the book that stood out most to me is something that I think everyone can relate to. He talks about how when he was younger he felt that having no arms and legs was the worst thing that could possibly happen to him. As he traveled the world and encountered people facing all types of poverty, hardships, women forced into prostitution, and people literally having to dig through trash to find food, his perspective began to change.

He learned to count his blessings. He learned to accept his shortcomings and his “weirdness” and use it to his advantage. He used what he thought was horrible to reach people all over the world.
He stopped looking at the cup half empty and focusing on the things he didn’t have, and started focusing on the things he COULD do. He started focusing on ways he could use his gifts. He decided not to live his life trapped. He realized that he was the only thing standing (proverbially) between the life he had and the life he wanted. He decided to live his life without limits.


We have to all be like Nick. Life is the farthest thing from perfect for pretty much all of us. We all have shortcomings and obstacles. We all have reasons why we “can’t “. At the end of the day, there’s no perfect set up. We have to decide to live beyond any limits that have been set for us, or even that we’ve set for ourselves. We have to decide to be victors instead of victims.

We have to change our perspective. Last night at The Porch, I learned that most people in the world live on less than $2 a day. In the US, that’s way below the established poverty line. That means that even poor people in the US have greater means than most people in the world. You ARE wealthy. Perspective.

All this to say, we have to change the way we think. We have to change the way we see the world and ourselves. We don’t have to wait for magical moments to rid us of life’s burdens. Rather, we have to learn to overcome and thrive despite them. We have to realize that we are limitless as long as we believe ourselves to be.

“You will never leave the ground if you don’t feel worthy of wings” -Nick Vujicic.


Xoxo Kaisha

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