Hair ADD

I heard this originally from Taren Guy on YouTube. I’m finally understanding it.

I get so bored with my hair. I’ve done relaxed, natural, straight, colored, braids, and now this weave.
Let me tell you, this life isn’t for me. I have a very sensitive scalp. All this itching is for the birds. I’m literally losing sleep because I wake up several times throughout the night itching. I have a constant headache. I just can’t live like this.
I commend all the frequent weave wearers. I honor your sacrifice. This is a lifestyle. One filled with misery, might I add.

And it ain’t for me!
My short lived weave. We’ll see what’s next in hair adventures but I’m resting my scalp for now!
Xoxo Kaisha






2 thoughts on “Hair ADD

  1. Hey love your hair you are rocking it! I have weave in now and I love it! It curly easily and it is indian virgin. Check out they are great! Tell them Jahnetta referred you.

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