The Zone of Proximal Growth


There’s no new information here. I’m not about to say anything that hasn’t been said before. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded.

If nothing else, this is yet another conformation and person standing in agreement with the belief that we need to escape our comfort zones.

Psychologist Lev Vygotsky dubbed the gap between that which a student can achieve on his/her own and that which he/she can achieve with help as the Zone of Proximal Growth/Development. This should be a teacher’s target: to stretch the students past what they already know and can already do in order to get them closer to everything they have the potential to be and do.


All this stretching and growing can be challenging. It can be painful. It can be lonely. And Lord knows it’s scary. However, I think we’d all agree that the mere thought of looking back at life singing the “coulda, woulda, shoulda’s” equally extracts those emotions; and maybe more so, because at that point it will be too late.

No need to drag this out. You catch my drift. You can’t grow by staying the same.
This is what life is about. This what I’m learning to do with my life. It’s starting to look like this is what this blog is about.
Funny how things take shape when you let them flow.

Now I’m rambling. Y’all take care! Oh, and take a moment to give yourself a ZPG check 🙂
And always remember: Just keep swimming.


xoxo Kaisha


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