My Ambitions as a Rider!

Hey! I had to disappear for a minute to get finals taken care of. I’m officially on break so I have time for all the things I actually care about 😉

I just wanted you to know that I have a new found love. I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned it or not, but in the last year I have become so much more of an outdoorsy person.

I love “fresh” air, and feeling all one with nature. I have also taken a liking to fitness and movement (I actually have a post about this later).

One day I up and decided that I wanted a bike. It just felt right. I would have dreams of myself riding it down the street and feeling so much freedom. So….I got one!

You know how sometimes things are better in theory? Not this time. My neighborhood is filled with big ol hills. It’s quite a struggle getting up them, but it makes me feel so strong and powerful when I do. Then, getting to ride down them with the wind whipping past my face…it feels like freedom.

It’s been cold lately, but I don’t care. My legs pumping, my heart racing, the constant ebb and flow, the resistance and the free fall- it’s euphoric. I’m in love.




It’s not a proper cycling bike, but it’s a great start.
Health is wealth. Get moving.
And ALWAYS remember, just keep swimming!

xoxo Kaisha

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