Confessions of a 20 something drama queen

**Warning: This post is long**

It’s no secret. I’m dramatic. Sometimes I find myself passionately ranting and raving and soap boxing to people about things that they have absolutely no interest in. Teehee.


I do apologize to everyone who has had to listen to one of my speeches about the food industry; the use of chemicals in cosmetics; the oppression of people of color and women; the healthcare system; food scarcety;  the effects of slavery and colonialism on blacks in america and peoples world wide; the zombie like nature of our generation; my fear for the generations to come in a society that seems to hate all things traditional; the ostracization of those who dare to be individuals; rape culture; and the European beauty standards that black women (or women of color, in general) are judged by, and so on and so forth.

Not that these things aren’t real issues or that they’re not important. The fact of the matter is, I get riled up about these things, but have not done much to change them. Sadly, I’m no different than most people. I feel that we live in a society of complacency masked by twitter protesting. We don’t really do much to evoke change in this world. I’m sure, with the invention of many of the amenities that make life comfortable, this  is no accident.

I’m not even going to get all conspiracy theorist on you. I’m just telling the story from my point of view. We act like posting a picture on Instagram of us wearing hoodies for Trayvon Martin is going to do something. Cool story. The trial already made headlines and was the talk of the country. It didn’t need our help with publicity. So forget the IG pics. We should have been in line voting for our local government representatives in the first place.

We think our I heart boobies bracelets are super cool. We should be giving our money to companies who actually use the money for breast cancer research and preventative treatment for women. And while we’re at it, we should probably stop eating like crap, as well , because diet and cancer tend to be linked. Shoutout to Susan G. Komen and the Race for the Cure. But guys, all those save the ta-tas vendors-they’re not about that life. Sorry.


Please note I said “we” in all of this. I’m no different. I talk about a lot of crap that I don’t do anything about. But, I can say what I have done.
I didn’t want to be held by European beauty standards, so I stopped straightening my hair, and recently cut it off. I started to love my big ol legs and my full lips. And I started letting other people know that they should do the same. I stopped using the term “good hair” and being as concerned with the message my outfits sent. I started being more concerned with my outside being in agreement with my inside. At the end of the day, I believe we, all humans, are beautiful because our Creator is. And because of this, no other human should be the standard for another human’s beauty.

I don’t like that underserved kids are being left in the dust and giving up on their dreams because they feel insignificant. So I helped my friend start an organization that includes a mentor program and provides resources to help kids achieve their goals. There’s little return for this. It’s a lot of work  and you have to get through 20 no’s to get a single yes. No, I’m not making a single dime. But that’s fine, because I’m making a difference.

I think not taking care of yourself is a shame. I started making steps to eat better and  to exercise more regularly. I don’t take medicine unless need be. I’ve been encouraging my family to do the same. I’ve also started developing my own beauty/skin  care products. I’m not perfect and I fall off the wagon. The getting up is more important than the falling, though.

I’m not into pointing the finger, but I’ve been deeply convicted about doing things on a surface level to look good on paper, or to look good in society, or to prove that we’re “enlightened” or “conscious.” I think it’s important that we live beyond superficiality and start doing things that actually matter. And by things that actually matter, I mean things that other people actually benefit from when they are supposed to actually benefit from them. We’ve got to move beyond doing things that LOOK good to doing things that ARE good.

I hope I haven’t stepped on any toes. If so, I think it best we don’t wear sandals in the winter 🙂
I’m not saying that we should stop sharing important information. I wouldn’t have a blog if I didn’t think sharing was important. However, it is more important that we step out of the virtual world and have these causes, passions, and ideas bear fruit in the physical world.
If nothing else, I really do hope that anyone who reads this will be inspired to go a step beyond posting on social media and to evoke a real tangible effort filled change in this world, because I know that I certainly have been convicted to do so. Just one step further guys.

Awww shucks, there I go ranting and raving  and soap boxing again. 😉

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xoxo Kaisha

Just keep swimming.

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