Ice Angel

I think I met an angel.

Yesterday afternoon I exited my church and briskly walked to my car, which had been parked for hours. Why so briskly? Because I  live in Texas where the weather is predictable, but only because we expect it to change drastically constantly. I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday that felt like spring. Walked around in a tank top and some capris with my car windows rolled down. I woke up Sunday morning to freezing wind and a sleet storm. Oddly enough, this is just typical; except in the summer. It’s always HOT in the summer.

I digress. So I make it to my car, and out of nowhere appears this gorgeous woman,her makeup beat to perfection, her hair coiffed with intention, her mink coat glistening as the little pellets of ice fall upon it. Then, without provocation she stalked over to my Jeep, held up a scraper, and began to remove the layer of ice that had completely covered my windshield. She went around to the back of my Jeep and asked me to let out some fluid for the rear window. I told her it didn’t work.

ice scraper

“Never ever let your window get this dirty. That’s going to cause problems for you. Do you have a paper towel?” I handed her a few napkins and while the door was open, she freely grabbed my water bottle, poured some water onto the napkins, and cleaned my rear window. She worked feverishly, like a little ant, laser-focused, and unphased by the inclement weather that caused my very teeth to chatter.

I had never seen this woman before. I didn’t even know her name. I didn’t even ask her name, because it happened so quickly. Why would she do this for me? It was 19 degrees outside. 19! She completely went out of her way to help a stranger. She forever left an impression on my heart. She showed me the unmerited love that God freely gives us. Love is not a flickering flame or a fleeting feeling. It is dying for someone. It is putting yourself aside for the service of someone else. She loved me. She made me want to love every person I come into contact with.

When she finished cleaning my rear window, she waved her arm in the air and marched into the distance, her feet, seemingly, not touching the ground. She disappeared without a word. I yelled “THANK YOU!” but she didn’t seem to hear me.

I think I met an angel.


xoxo Kaisha

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