That one time in New Orleans…

It just dawned on me that I never shared the trip I took to New Orleans Valentine’s Day weekend. I guess it’s on my mind because I’m heading to Miami in a couple of weeks.
I made it a goal to do more traveling. I feel that it’s important to get to see places other than where you live. Of course, huge trips aren’t feasible for me right now (college girl budget 😉) but I’m off to a great start.

I am a native of Louisiana, but haven’t been to New Orleans since I was a baby. It was a hustling and bustling trip. We walked for days on end, so it seemed. We stayed in the French Quarter so everything was in walking distance.

The place doesn’t sleep. Everything is always open. I don’t know if they ever close the doors on Bourbon Street, but it’s a constant party! I enjoyed my time (especially the food). The hand grenades were delicious, until they snuck up on me and I found myself hugging the porcelain throne. No need for more details there. Just know that I didn’t see it coming. If anyone ever asks you if you’d like to try a suicide-say NO.The beignets at Cafe du Monde were great. The people are friendly. The street performers are crazy .

On the last day there, we decided to go to some of the neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Katrina. We went all the way to the lower 9th ward. While they are making efforts to clean up the area, there was still SO much damage left behind. The deserted homes scattered about were quite eery. I commend all of the residents who returned to the city to try to rebuild their lives. Still, it makes me wonder why after all this time the city is still not “finished”. That’s a topic for a different day. Here are some of the pictures I could find from the trip. Enjoy!
Xoxo Kaisha
















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