Can you see me now?

See it.
Believe it.
Wait and watch.

Many people use the power of visualization incorrectly. People use it to formulate worst case scenarios and excuse themselves from chasing their dreams.
We’ve all been there. We’ve all “seen” ourselves in the future, but were intimidated by the brilliance of our futures. Instead of relishing in it like children, we assume that we’re not good/confident/capable enough for it to become reality. Consequently, we let our feelings of inadequacy drive us into repeated patterns of self-sabotage, almost becoming self fulfilling prophecies of failure.

Here’s where it gets real for me. I see myself becoming everything I have visualized myself becoming. Catch that dirt! 😉 When I opened my spirit to the possibilities and even desires for my life, it’s like I gave myself permission to live out my destiny. When I allowed myself to visualize and to dream, I literally started seeing so many manifestations in my life.
It’s almost magical. I’m literally becoming the woman of my dreams.
I can’t pretend to have a full explanation of how this works. I will say that my theory is:
You cannot think a thought without having the words to name that thought. In the same manner, you cannot reach a “point” if you don’t have an idea of where the point is. Visualization allows us to create an “endpoint” for certain parts of life. If we can visualize an endpoint, we are more likely to choose a path that leads us to that endpoint. When we allow ourselves to visualize, we create a sort of reality, and bring ourselves one step closer to that endpoint. Perception is reality. Visualization is forming a perception.

I hope I haven’t talked in too many circles because I don’t want to over complicate this. I just want to drive home that we have to be cognizant of what we visualize. We have to stop creating death, lack, and destruction in our heads. If we visualize these things, we predispose ourselves to that path. If we visualize lives filled with love, grace, and abundance, we predispose ourselves to that path.

I’m not saying this works like magic;however, it is logical. If you never think about owning a watch, you may never have one. If you visualize yourself wearing a tortoise print big face Michael Kors watch for just a few seconds every day, I can almost guarantee that you’re 1000x more likely to end up wearing one sometime before you die.

I say all this to say, not only dream big but dream positive. Spend time visualizing that which you want to become part of your life. Visualization shapes perception. Perception shapes reality. You may as well paint a beautiful picture for your life. This is what I’ve learned, and this is what I am trying to practice in my life.
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