There’s no place like home

I consider myself a Texas girl because this is where I’ve spent most of my life, but Louisiana is buried deep in my heart.

We have a family reunion every 2 years and it was my mom’s turn to plan it this year. She worked tirelessly to get things taken care of for the reunion and I must say it went off without a hitch.
We started Friday night with an informal get together where everyone ate and reconnected with each other. Saturday was game day. Saturday evening was the banquet. Sunday we all had church in the country (Colfax, Louisiana) where our family originated followed by brunch.

It was such a good time to see all my family together again. Living in Texas causes me to miss most of the events that happen throughout the year, so the reunion is a great time to catch up.
I also love all the history I get to learn about my family and the area. Colfax is pretty close to the southern part of Louisiana so there’s a lot of history left there. Driving through the area you’ll see the fields my forefathers farmed and the cotton gin they frequented. There’s the old church where my grandmother got her first bit of formal education. And I can’t forget those Zydeco sounds. Just so much history. It’s crazy how much we try to separate ourselves from the past, but it did my heart so much good to feel connected again.
I usually document EVERYTHING but this time I was just taking it all in. I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of pictures, so I’ve boosted some from Facebook

famreunion1 famreunion2 famreunion3 famreunion4 famreunion5
Xoxo Kaisha

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