#WomenAgainstFeminism Wait…what?

I try to remain somewhat apolitical on this platform, but I felt that I should toss in my two cents at this point.

It’s been rumored that this hashtag was started sarcastically, but women began taking it to heart and jumping on the bandwagon.

While I understand that any political group has it’s share of crazies, elitists, and exclusionists, the outliers do not negate the sum total of what the group stands for.

You see, if you are a woman and you can: vote, own property, go to any college you want, major in whatever subject you want, have rights post-divorce, take birth control (or not), work outside of your home, prosecute your rapist, own anything really-things we take for granted- you may want to rethink your lashing out against feminism. It was not couch protestors, and twitter activists who paved the way for you to be able to have these seemingly simple rights. It was a bunch of bra burning, loud mouthed, resilient, tireless, determined, radical feminists (men and women) who fought tooth and nail for you to be viewed as equally human as men are.

So if you choose to so adamantly stand against the people who try to even the playing field for you…whatever. I feel the same way about black people against affirmative action and poor people against welfare. Why not say thank you and accept the portions that help you instead of trying to look cool and being an ingrate?

Everyone wants to be an individual but how strong would we be if we decided to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers instead of adopting this “all about me” mindset? Yes we are individuals, but we are individuals within the context of a community. Stand together, y’all.

And if I’m radical because I refuse to buy into the ideological patriarchal caste system which, by birth, places men as the cream of the crop and me as the sticky stuff at the bottom of the barrel, then so be it. I suppose being radical is synonymous with having good (not common) sense.

Xoxo Kaisha

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