Fit Friday: Fasted Cardio


I heard people talking about this all the time but had no idea what it was for. I even did it this morning. I didn’t want to wallow in ignorance anymore so I decided to do some fancy research (google) and see what all the hoopla was about. I got my info from this article, but my interpretation was:


Your body puts your carbs in storage while you sleep, so if you do cardio during the storage phase (fasted), essentially you will be burning fat. Like 20% more than if you had just eaten.
However, you also run into the potential of burning up amino acids, which is the stuff that makes up your muscles.

I’m a huge proponent of building muscle. Those things are really important 😉

To combat the breakdown of your muscle the article suggests consuming a fast digesting protein shortly after your run (like whey), and a slow digesting protein (like casein).

Moral of the story: Fasted cardio helps you burn fat. It can also eat your muscles. You need your muscles. So eat protein right after your fasted cardio, or just do HIIT training instead (which we’ll talk about next Friday).

Either way, get yo sweat on!

xoxo Kaisha

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