Send It On (Book Review)

send it on

I recently read one of my favorite Youtuber’s (Jouelzy) first published work of fiction entitled Send It On.

It is a collection of short stories that cover topics of  unrequited love, loss, sexual assault, family, losing and finding friends, career struggles, and identity. Stylistically, Jouelzy remains true to herself and writes in a curt, stream of conscious form. She tells Solana’s stories with no filter, and spills her heart out.

For someone who may be unfamiliar with Jouelzy, her style, and her internet persona, the book might be hard to get through or comprehend. It’s laden with colloquialisms, and inferred cultural understanding, which is easily navigable by her targeted demographic; however, someone who might be unfamiliar with her platform could be lost in translation.

In fact, I dare say the book was written entirely for her targeted demographic of which Jouelzy ALWAYS represents: the #SmartBrownGirl. This is the platform upon which she stands and the expected audience of this work of literature. In light of that, the style of the book really works. Though I felt there were a few too many typos (some are expected in any book, but I felt it excessive), they did not undermine the voice of the entire work.

I felt that she was telling my stories, and the stories of all my friends. The black girls  who stand out, speak up, learn a lot-even if it’s the hard way, and wear our hearts on our sleeves while remaining strong. I thoroughly enjoyed the narratives which seemed so personal. I was even inspired to start writing my own work after reading it.

My advice would be to check out her Youtube channel before you read the book. If you like what you see, proceed because the book has the same flavor as her channel. If not, then reconsider, because my girl Jouelzy is a shot of whiskey, not everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

xoxo Kaisha

#senditon #smartbrowngirl

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