Fit Friday: Gym Essentials

While some parade around in the flashiest spandex, the shortest Euro shorts, and the most colorful Beats headphones, I tend to tip on the low maintenance side of the scale of gym rats.

It only takes a few things for me to have the gym experience I’m looking for. While my needs may vary depending on the workout, here are my basic gym essentials:

1. Proper shoes. I wear Nike’s for training and Aasic’s for running. I have two pairs of each and they make all the difference to me.



2. Gold’s Gym training gloves. Long gone are the days of callused hands. I have hard skin, naturally. I also have frequent hand washing syndrome. I don’t need to exasperate my problems. These gloves have more padding than any others I’ve tried. Plus they make me feel like I look cool.


3. Water! Need I explain? I’m a camel. I absolutely adore my 32oz VS Pink bottle.


4. Tunes! I always charge my phone before I go because I need my music. I like to listen to trap music when I workout. Makes me feel bossy and dangerous. 😉

5. A hat. Short hair means there are no ponytails to forgive dryness, and/or overall hot mess-ness. Hats are my friend when I’m having a rough hair day.


6. Random stuff that I don’t need but that makes life more convenient like lip balm, gum and my purple combination lock for the locker room.



What can’t you live without at the gym? Do you have high tech equipment? A favorite pair of compression shorts? A song that gets you going?

Either way, get yo’ sweat on!

Xoxo Kaisha

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