In Case You STILL Don’t Know What ALS Is

IMG_5586IMG_5587 (me and my friend Traci doing the challenge)

While the Ice Bucket Challenge is all fun and games, this disease is the furthest thing from it.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

This is a progressive neurodegenerative disease. It causes the motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain to die, which leads to uncontrollable muscle movement, and eventual paralysis. Those dealing with this disease generally have up to 5 years to live after diagnosis. Though treatment can slow down the progress of the disease, the limited knowledge (and, consequently, limited funding) for research and drugs makes it difficult to navigate.

While some people may be up in arms about the Ice bucket challenge because they feel that it is being abused by attention seeking internet fiends, the impact it has had on fundraising speaks louldy and clearly for itself.

For a chance to donate to such a worthy cause, visit donations fund the research and drug development for this disease. The more options made available, the cheaper the treatment is for individuals living with this debilitating disease.

We get bombarded with messages of what’s wrong with the world on a daily basis. If ever afforded the opportunity to make a difference, we should take it.

xoxo Kaisha

*The information presented in this post was found on the ALS Association website*


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