Fit Friday: Do You Yoga?


I used to be hesitant about trying yoga. All that sun warrior and heart center talk sounded like mumbo jumbo. It looked like folks were just stretching for a really long time. I thought, surely this can’t be a workout. Then, I gave it a try. Before you know it, I found myseld fantasizing about being able to afford a studio membership, and trying to find cute yoga mats on Amazon.

As someone who has had to practice focusing, and who strives for connectedness, yoga has truly helped me flourish. When I run, I am free to zone out. When I practice yoga, I am focused. I have no choice other than to connect. I am conscious of my entire body at any given moment. My flexibility is steadily improving, and I feel like, overall, I have better control of my body. I have never felt so in tune with myself.

Not to mention, it’s not easy. The yogis make it look like a walk in the park, but I have to admit that chatarrunga makes my arms tremble. I have pushed my hamstrings beyond what I beleived to be their limits. Oh, and I didn’t even think it possible for my back to do some of the things it has done.

I wouldn’t say it gets easier over time; however, I would say that you get stronger, better, and more flexible. I think the benefits are well worth the effort. I want to be one of those pretzel girls who can contort into all types of strange positions, one day. For now, my Champion mat in the living room will just have to do.


Do you like yoga, or do you prefer something more high impact? OH, and for the record and because of a recent revelation I had with myself, I have to disclaim: Yes, black people DO practice yoga 😉

Either way, get yo’ sweat on!

xoxo Kaisha

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