Fit Friday: 10 Tips for Getting Back in the Habit When You’ve Been in a Fitness Funk

We get busy. We get tired. Sometimes we have to move. We lose our jobs or get new ones. We have to adjust to the roller coaster of life. These things can stand in the way of our health and fitness journeys. Though it’s easy to let life get us sidetracked, we’ve got to figure out ways to get back into the habit of getting fit.

1. Remember why you started.
Whether your weight startled you at the doctor, you have health problems you’re trying to correct, or you want everyone’s jaw to drop at your high school reunion, remember what motivated you to start.
hs reunion

2. Get inspired.
Though we should avoid comparing ourselves to others, it doesn’t hurt to get online, on Instagram (or even in your old photos) to find fitspiration. Every time I watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (it’s a Dallas thing) I get motivated to hit the gym.

bikini comp

3. Take baby steps.
If you haven’t worked out in 4 months, you don’t have to pick up where you left off. Give yourself a challenging workout that won’t kill you so you’ll actually want to come back the next day.


4. Try something new.
Maybe the jumpstart you need is finally using that Groupon for the Bikram yoga class you’ve been putting off. Making it a new adventure will give you something to look forward to.


5. Do something you actually like.
If the only part of your workout that you enjoy is when you get in your car to go home, how likely are you to keep it up? C’mon. If you hate running, why spend an hour and a half on the treadmill everyday? It will take a week for that to get old. Do something that feels like fun!


6. Make it part of your schedule.
Add your workouts to whatever you use to schedule your non negotiable daily plans in. Make it a to-do not an option.

wake up

7. If you’re not feeling it, take 10.
I learned this tip from the Fitnessista. When you just don’t feel like working out, force yourself to do 10 minutes. If your blood flow and heart rate increase doesn’t make you feel pumped enough to continue (7/10 times it will), congratulations, you just did a 10 minute workout and are now free to go home.


8. Fuel properly.
You get your energy from food. Eat enough. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t stuff yourself. Give that body what it needs to flourish so you can have the fuel you need for the day’s activities.

fuel properly

9. Just do it.
Cliche, but  true. Sometimes you just have to tell that lazy, annoying, fleshy voice in your head to shut up. We do a million productive things that we “don’t feel like” doing everyday. Why should something that’s actually beneficial to us be any different? Sometimes you’ve just got to git ‘er done.

get ir done

10. Love yourself.
Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the same patience, love, care, and attention that you give your loved ones. When you really love someone, you want the best for them. You want them to succeed. You want them to be great and to reach their full potential. Let that someone be you.

self hug

Xoxo Kaisha

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