Staying the Course at the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

Seeing Inyang cross that finish line yesterday was a euphoric experience. Her face lit up when she saw us waiting there for her. As we rushed over to take her picture and give her sweaty hugs, she burst into tears. The joy that filled her heart overflowed and touched all of us who were near her. In that moment, I was proud to be there with her. To know her.

It wasn’t just about a race. It wasn’t about the miles, and the time. It was about a woman who made up her mind to do something, and she completed it despite the odds. No matter how many rough, tired days Inyang had (and there were plenty), she stuck with her training plan. Through the heat, the pounding of her knees and feet for 13.1 miles, she never gave up. She never quit. She ran until the end.

Right in front of my eyes, she lived out a life metaphor. She became an example to me, and to us all that no matter what, you can’t quit. She reminded us to stay the course and to finish strong. Thank you, Inyang.

xoxo Kaisha








6 thoughts on “Staying the Course at the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon

  1. You wouldn’t believe me, but I’m just now seeing this post and I’m in complete surprise and shock. Words would cheapen how I feel so all I can say is that I’m humble that you would feature me on your blog. Thank you for your words. That means the most.

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