Quick, healthy, Tex-mex inspired lunch idea|Butter leaf tacos

In Texas, we eat tacos. I wanted to do a healthier version so I whipped these bad boys up. Takes less than 15 minutes for folks with busy schedules, and it’s vegetarian friendly.

All you’ll need is:
Butter lettuce
Lemon juice
Dried cranberries
Southwest mix

I combined the avocado,s&p, garlic and lemon juice to make some guacamole.

Next I washed the butter lettuce (this takes the place of the tortilla) and “stuffed” it with the southwest mix, sprinkled Gorgonzola and craisins, and added the guac on top.

I drizzled a little of my favorite Sprouts pineapple salsa on top and dug in. I had some blue corn tortilla chips with it.

So good. So so good. It’s budget friendly and took 15 minutes to make. You can have fun with healthy food too, ya know. 😉

Let me know if you try it and like (or hate) it! What’s your favorite quick, healthy meal?

Xoxo Kaisha





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