Gone Girl (review)

gone girl

Maybe  I should have researched this movie before I saw it. Most of the time, I like to go in blindly, so that my opinion is purely based on what I’m seeing currently, but I wasn’t that prepared for this one.

The acting in this movie was phenomenal. Ben Affleck needs no explanation. He smashes every role he plays. He was a disturbed husband in this movie, and he played his role well. Rosamund Pike, however, was mind blowing. Between her constant whispering, her vacant eyes, and her committment to her character, I was truly convinced that she is a deranged psycopath. She played the role so well that I’m almost certain she will need some type of psychiatric evaluation to recover from playing that character for so long. She was cooky as all get out.

I’m talking bat crazy. As the movie progressed, the scope of her insanity was broadened for the audience. She starts out as a depressed, slightly narcississtic wife, and ends up a murderous psycopath who frames her husband for her faked death. After ruining her husband’s life and reputation, killing her ex and calling it self defense because she staged her kidnap and rape, and devising a ploy gone wrong to fake her death, she returns home. Thus, forcing her husband to have to continue to live with her in order to salvage what’s left of his reputation. She also turns up pregnant. Pregnant.

My jaw kept hitting the floor. The unforseen twists left me feeling betrayed and in shock. The ending sucked. There was no real resolution. We were just left hanging with our brows furrowed and our mouths twisted.

I don’t know that I can say that it was a “good” movie. I expect good movies to make me feel good, or to teach me something, or to give me something that I can use in life. I will say that it was “good” in the sense that I was never bored. It wasn’t overly gory. It was smartly written. It was well casted. It was suspenseful, and perfectly paced. It was creepy. Really, really creepy. I left that theater feeling disturbed in the highest sense of the word. I think, maybe that’s what movies are supposed to do. Make you leave feeling differently than you came in. Obviously, it inspired me enough to write a post on it, so they did something right. I wouldn’t watch it again, but I also hate thriller/chiller/horror movies. It was more of a psycho drama, which isn’t my cup of tea, but if you’re into that sort of thing you’d probably love it.

Before going to see it, ask yourself how much you enjoyed Sybil. That’s a good guage.

Who else saw it? What did you think?

xoxo Kaisha


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