Fall Fashion Fix: Trends to Try (Guest Post from Regina the Style Bambina)

The leaves are falling, weather is cooling down, and pumpkin spice is in the air. This could only mean that fall is finally here! A season that we spend all year waiting on, for more reasons than one. But the greatest of them all is the fashion. And in today’s world, you no longer have to be the rich and famous, or an aspiring model living in New York to be a part of what’s trending. So let’s take a peak into their wardrobes and see what this fall has to offer us.

Hats on hats on hats!

Whether it be a beanie, or a wool wide brim; hats are no longer just for bad hair days and hiding from paparazzi. You can pair a hat with any outfit, be it jeans or a dress, to give off a feel of celebrity.

hats1 hats2

All black eeerthang.

Black on black can give you a chic, long, and high end look. Black leather pieces are a must have! From blazers to skirts, they make it all. Adding a pop pf color with your shoes plays up the black. Dare to be different and pair all of your blacks together and your friends just might mistake you for model on a casting call.



Put your boots in the game coach!

It’s time to pull those boots out from the back of the closet, and give them a good wear. A trending boot that we’ve seen in recent seasons is the Timberland boot. This shoe can give your outfit just the right touch of quark. Boots of all kinds and styles are a constant fall trend, and are here to stay!




Just like life, fashion is filled with hi’s and lows. The combination of hi’s and lows (expensive or more formal garments with the contrary) has become one of my favorite trends. Instead of reaching for that fancy top, pull out that worn t shirt to complete your outfit. A pair of heels with some color work best to pull off the hi/low look.

hilow1 hilow2

Supersize Me

With fall comes colder weather. Stay warm while still in style. You can achieve this with layers and oversized pieces. The bigger the better and the more the merrier. Pack on those oversized sweaters, scarves, and jackets… but don’t forget to leave those arms out of the sleeves 😉

supersize1 supersize2


 Today’s guest post comes from Regina Thomas aka Regina the Style Bambina. Lover of Ole Miss, her family (especially her nieces and nephew), Chipotle steak bowls, travel, and home decor. When she’s not devoting her time to these things, you can find her coaching volleyball, scouring the interwebs for fashion inspiration, or in the library studying her coursework for her MBA in Speech Pathology. Yep. She does it all.

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